Euro Filter Pads

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Three styles of pads are available. The type of wine your are filtering will determine what filter pad you should use, please do not hesitate to contact us for guidance if you are unsure what you require for your batch.

#1 Pads - Coarse Pads designed to remove the large particulate in heavy wine, typically reds.

#2 Pads - Polishing Pads designed to remove medium to small particulate in wine and add the shine & clarity to your wine. Typically used for white wines.

#3 Pads - Sterile Pads are 0.5 micron (super tiny!!) filter pads that remove the very small particulate in your wine. It is advised you filter with #2 pads before filtering with the # 3 pads. Rarely used, this is generally reserved for wines that just won't clear.

Pads are sold in packs of two, one time use only.