Fermenter, Speidel, 120L (31.7 gal)

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Besides the right fruit and a good recipe, the container plays the most important role. It must not only be airtight, but also preserve the aroma and bouquet over many months. Above all, it needs to keep out harmful bacteria that can penetrate via the air and the material of the container. The more airtight the container, the better the must.

Speidel only uses colourless, food grade PE plastic for their containers. The extra-thick wall preserves the aroma and the alcohol and keeps the must fresh and lively for a long time. The large filling dome allows you to clean by hand right into the furthest corners.


Note: This fermenter was used once but is in perfect condition. It has two small modifications: 1) Two holes were drilled in the lid to allow it to be fitted with an immersion chiller. Two solid bungs are included to fill them. 2) One of the solid caps is fitted with a spigot to allow the fermenter to be pressurized and liquid to be pushed out.