Prestige Dublin Cream, Liquor Quik

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50 mls

Instructions: Pour the contents of this bottle and 2-1/4 cups (500 g) of granulated sugar into a large pitcher; 96 US fl. oz. (3 quarts). Fill with 59 U.S. fl. oz. (1.75 L) of 20-25% ABV neutral alcohol, vodka or Prestige™ Black Label Turbo X-Press. Shake well to mix thoroughly. Before serving, mix 1 can of evaporated milk (12-14 fl. oz./355-415 mL) into the Dublin Cream. Refrigerate any unused liqueur and shake well before serving. Makes approximately 84 fl. oz. (2.5 L). The liqueur may now be consumed directly or used to flavor coffees, syrups, baked goods, confectionery or ice creams. Extract may also be added directly to food and beverages without the addition of alcohol or sugar at a dosage rate of 1-3% by volume.