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The Bobal grape, an unsung hero of the wine world, is quietly gaining recognition for its unique contributions to winemaking. Native to the Utiel-Requena region of Spain, this grape variety has a rich history that has gradually elevated it from obscurity to the spotlight.

Characterized by its ability to thrive in challenging conditions, Bobal is a hardy grape that has adapted to the arid climate of its homeland. The name "Bobal" is thought to be derived from the Latin term "bovale," referring to the shape of the grape cluster, which is round and symmetrical.

In recent years, winemakers have been rediscovering the potential of Bobal to create wines that reflect the character of its terroir. Red wines crafted from Bobal grapes often exhibit dark fruit flavors, such as blackberry and plum, coupled with hints of spice and earthiness. The grape's thick skin contributes to wines with robust tannins, lending structure and ageability.

Bobal wines, whether as varietals or blends, offer an exciting opportunity to explore a lesser-known grape variety that brings a distinctive touch to the world of wine. They are celebrated for their versatility, ranging from easy-drinking everyday wines to more complex and age-worthy selections.

The Utiel-Requena region, where Bobal thrives, is becoming a hub of innovation and quality in Spanish winemaking. The grape's ability to withstand the region's extreme temperatures and yield expressive wines is being harnessed by winemakers eager to showcase its potential on both domestic and international stages.

As Bobal garners attention and appreciation, it shines a light on the diversity and richness of Spain's viticultural landscape. Its journey from local grape to a player on the global wine scene speaks to the exciting evolution of the wine world and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. For those seeking to explore beyond the familiar, Bobal wines are an invitation to savor the distinctive flavors of this intriguing grape variety.
Valencia, Spain Bobal Cabernet Sauvignon - LE23 - Available Dec. 2023

Valencia, Spain Bobal Cabernet Sauvignon - LE23 - Available Dec. 2023


This Spanish red combines Bobal and Cabernet Sauvignon to deliver a medium-bodied wine with a fruity palate and silky tannin. Aromas of black fruit...

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