Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed whether you make a kit yourself or we make it for you. If you don't like a wine, beer or cider kit, for whatever reason, we'll refund you based on how much of the kit you return to us. Before making this determination, we ask that you allow the kit to rest after bottling. Wine for at least four weeks and beer/cider for at least six weeks.
For example: You didn't like a wine kit after letting is sit for four weeks but still consumed 6 of the 30 bottles, we would refund you 80% of the kits value once we receive the remaining 24 unopened bottles.

Ferment on Premises
In addition to the above guarantee, if it's been determined that we didn't make your kit correctly, we will either refund you the full Ferment on Premises Fee or waive it on the next kit we make for you. 
Please note that we cannot guarantee a kit that has been packaged into a dirty vessel.

Make at Home
In addition to the above guarantee, we ask that you please include the production sticker with your returned product. This sticker is usually found on the top of the box. We would also like to see your brewing notes to troubleshoot any issues in your process.