Ferment On Premises

We are pleased to offer our clients a Ferment-On-Premises (FOP) service here at Water 'N' Wine. This service allows you to take advantage of our years of experience and our facility to ensure you get the very best end result. The FOP service takes all the guess work out of the craft, allowing you to go through the process with our experienced and knowledgeable staff, as well as freeing up the space in your home that you would normally dedicate to brewing.

Our facility is climate controlled, we have reverse osmosis water on site, and offer all the bottles, labels, and other accessories to ensure that your brew not only tastes it's best but also looks it's best for all your social events, such as weddings, holiday gatherings, or for that romantic night.

To start a kit, stop by anytime during business hours. It only takes a few minutes.

To bottle a kit, call us at 902-755-9463 and book an appointment. It'll take around 20 minutes to bottle a wine kit and 45 to bottle a beer or cider kit. We'll give you a bit more time if you wish to decorate your bottles. Quick side note: please ensure your bottles look clean. We will run your bottles through our bottle sanitizer but the sanitizer only works if the bottles are clean. Also, please remove any commercial labels. Homemade labels or labels purchased from us are fine.

For more information on our FOP service please do not hesitate to contact us!