Grand Reopening

Our grand prize winner is Kristen H.
She guessed 1200 corks and there were actually 1202 corks in the FermZilla.
She won a $500 Water 'N' Wine Gift Card!!!

A Heritage Estates Kit: Arnold R. (7464565)
A Wine Cooler Kit: Cathy G. (7464307)
A Classic Kit: Wayne M. (7464440)
A Cru International Kit: Nancy R. (7464819)
A Cru Select Kit: Barb F. (7464425)
An En Primeur Winery Series Kit: Heather M. (7464459)
A Festa Brew Beer Kit: Art (7464690)
A Mangrove Jack's Cider Kit: Brandon M. (7464697)
A Canned Beer Kit: Dustin M. (7464499)
A Wine or Beer Equipment Starter Kit: Matt W. (7464574)
Three draws for a "Ferment on Premises for Free" certificate:
1: Kevin H. (7464486)
2: Richard C. (7464332)
3: ??? (7464719)
One draw for five free SodaStream refills: Kevin H. (7464492) 


Congrats to all our WINNERS!!!