Making Beer & Cider With Us.

TLDR: For us to make a beer kit for you (add $36 for a Festa Brew kit, $39.75 for cider kit or $50.75 for a canned beer kit) to the price of a kit. If you need bottles, add an additional $54 for PET bottles. 

Our most popular beer kit would be $94.99 with your own bottles and $160.53 with new bottles. All of our kits make 45 500mL bottles. All prices mentioned include taxes.


It really can't be any easier to have us make your beer or cider kit for you. All you have to do is drop by the store and pick out a kit. We'll mix it up for you so you can add the yeast. When the kit is ready, usually in about 2 weeks for beer and 1 week for cider, we'll call to arrange an appointment for you to come in and bottle the kit. It only takes about 50 minutes to bottle a kit.

Once the beer or cider is bottled, it needs to be brought home to condition and age. For beer that's about 6 weeks and cider about 2 weeks. All said, from the start date, that's drinkable beer in 2 months and cider in 2 weeks. Click here for further instructions on conditioning and aging. 

All of our beer and cider kits make the equivalent of 65 341mL bottles or 45 500mL bottles. You're welcome to bring your own bottles but the only bottles safe for beer and cider are ones that are able to hold pressure. For example, twist or cap-top beer bottles, flip-top bottles, or plastic pop bottles.

Prices for a beer kit made by us start at $70.74 and go up to $104.99 (add $36 for a Festa Brew kit or $50.75 for a canned beer kit)

Prices for a cider kit made by us are $89.25 (add $39.25 to the price of a kit). The best selling cider kit is the Apple Cider

These prices include caps, fees and taxes but do not include bottles or labels.

A set of 45 500ml glass cap-top beer bottles would cost about $66. You may bring your own bottles, glass or plastic. If you need to buy any they start at $1.21 for 500ml PET plastic and $1.61 for glass cap-top, each. Just remember that if you do bring your own bottles, they must look clean and cannot have any commercial brewery labels on them.

We don’t offer discounts for multiple batches, but we do have sales on a regular basis. We post these here on our website.

All prices above include tax as of April 2024 and are subject to change.

* One more thing to note is if you are hosting your party at a venue that requires a liquor license, make sure they will allow homebrew beer or cider. And if they do, check to see if they charge a corkage fee.