Automatic Water Dispenser

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The Electric Water Bottle Dispenser Pump is designed to make your life easier by providing a convenient and efficient way to dispense water from bottles ranging from 2-5 gallons (7.5-18.9 liters). Whether you're indoors or outdoors, this pump is the perfect companion for all your hydration needs.

One of the standout features of this dispenser pump is its 60 seconds Auto Stop function. Say goodbye to overflowing water or wastage! With this intelligent feature, the pump automatically stops dispensing water after 60 seconds, ensuring a mess-free and efficient operation.

Equipped with a 5V 1200mAh lithium battery, this dispenser is not only long-lasting but also environmentally friendly. It can be easily recharged via USB, and a single full charge lasts an impressive 30-40 days or four to six 5-gallon bottles. No more worrying about constantly replacing batteries or running out of power at inconvenient times.

When it comes to safety and durability, we've got you covered. The dispenser is made from high-quality BPA-free high-density ABS plastic, guaranteeing a safe and healthy water dispensing experience. The Inlet Pipe Hose is crafted from food-grade silicone, ensuring that your water remains pure and untainted. The Outlet Pipe is made from 304 stainless steel, providing a sturdy and reliable flow of water.

Operating the dispenser is a breeze thanks to the convenient On/Off switch with LED indicators. The LED lights depict three modes for easy monitoring: Blue indicates pumping mode, Red indicates charging mode, and when fully charged, the LED turns off, indicating a full charge.

Whether you're camping, at the office, or simply want a hassle-free way to dispense water at home, the Intelligent Electric Water Bottle Dispenser Pump is the perfect companion. Get yours today and enjoy the convenience and efficiency it brings to your hydration routine!