Bohemian Lager - M84 Dry Yeast


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Suitable For: German/Bohemian Pilsners, Baltic Porter, and American style Lagers.

A bottom-fermenting lager yeast characterized by its dry and clean palate typical of traditional Czech brewing. Produces soft, delicate and well balanced beers.

Strain Classification: Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Recommended Temperature Range: 50 - 59°F (10 - 15°C)

Aroma characteristics:

Classic Bohemian pilsner strain aroma and flavor characteristics can be expected.

Flavor/mouthfeel characteristics:
Hop and malt character will be enhanced and supported by moderate to full body. In wort with simple malt bills, delicate malt flavors will survive. Beer fermented with this strain is generally rich and chewy without being heavy at all. Light and delicately balanced beers call for this strain. Lagering periods as short as 4 weeks may produce acceptable beer but allowing it to lager for 6-8 weeks, it will result in beer that is richer and smoother with a more refined aroma and flavor.

Higher alcohol beers:
This strain will perform reasonably well in higher alcohol beer production up to 8% alcohol. Beer of over 7% alcohol will be slightly sweet, and the alcohol may be slightly hot.