Wine Corks, Agglo

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Special note on agglomerated short corks (Agglo 9-S):
Our supplier has temporarily substituted a plain-looking cork in place of the usual ‘DCK’ agglomerated short cork. The plain cork is a NOVA cork, but came without NOVA branding printed on the cork. We've been told they are good quality corks.

Agglo 9-L (ABC Cork) 90pk:
This Cork is Crafted for 4 Years + of consumption. "The Bellcork Colmated" Stopper is a natural cork with pores filled with powder. The powder is fixed in place using natural resin and rubber glue. This stopper is designed for a high-quality sealing solution, ensuring excellent organoleptic and mechanical characteristics. The production process is carefully stabilized and controlled for the best results. This stopper style is perfect for wines with a certain level of complexity and is intended for early consumption for four years. The Bellcork Colmated Stopper is a cutting-edge solution for optimum sealing, allowing for the perfect aging process. Length: 45mm. Diameter:24 mm. Product of Portugal