Ferment on Premises Fee, Pasteurized Beer


Add one fee for each beer kit you would like us to make for you. Once your order is confirmed, we'll contact you to arrange a time when you can put the yeast in your kit. 

Caps are included with this fee.

Upon completing this purchase, you agree to the following: 
This constitutes a request for assistance and guidance, as required, in preparing my beer wort or cider must (hereinafter called 'product') for fermentation. I understand and consent to my 'product' being transferred, stabilized, clarified, degassed, and filtered as required. I consent to my name, phone number and email being kept in a database with the understanding that this information will not be sold or exchanged. I acknowledge that my 'product' is for my personal use only. All 'products' must be bottled within 14 days of notification. After 14 days, a fee of $1 per day may be charged. Your 'product' must be removed from the premise immediately after it has been bottled and sealed. Bottles filled with your 'product' must have all commercial labels removed.