French Gamay Style, Cru International - May 2023 Release

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$172 when you bring your own bottles.
$99 kit + $73.00 (includes corks, fee, and tax)
$209.40 if you need bottles.
$99 kit + $110.40 (includes thirty 750ml bottles, corks, fee, and tax)
$179.95 to bag.
$99 kit + $80.95 (includes five 4.5L or three 7.5L bags, fee, and tax)

Inspired by one of the finest grape-growing regions, Gamay Style highlights the unique tastes of grapes chosen from France!

Styled after the famous wines from France’s renowned Beaujolais winemaking region, our Cru International French Gamay Style features the primary red wine grape grown in Beaujolais, the Gamay Noir. Known to be a cross between Pinot noir and the ancient white variety Gouais, Gamay is easier to grow than Pinot Noir and exquisitely ripens two weeks earlier.

Beaujolais winemakers use Gamay grapes to create a fruity wine by using a technique called carbonic maceration. Instead of being pressed, grapes are piled into a vat where the bottom ones are crushed by the weight of the grapes on top. This juice ferments, and eventually causes fermentation to begin inside the skins of the unbroken grapes. The result is a uniquely fresh, fruity wine low in tannins and consumed young. Our French Gamay Style wine was created to emulate a similar taste and style and does not require bottle aging!

This light-medium bodied red wine is best consumed in its youth. Cherries and plums fill the nose while sweet cherry follows through to the palate, where it lingers gracefully.

With its high acidity, French Gamay Style is a heavenly pairing for a creamy, mild & tangy Herbed Goat Cheese.

Interestingly, when you open a bottle of French Gamay Style , it is best to treat it like a white wine rather than a red. Serving it slightly chilled brings out its refreshing fruit flavour.

Juice: 8 Litres
Makes: 23 Litres (30 750ml bottles)
Ready to Bottle: 4 weeks
Ready to Bottle: 5 weeks
Aging: 0-1 months
Region: France
Grape Skins: None

Colour: Red
Oak: Unoaked
Body: Medium
Sweetness: Dry
Labels Included: No
Brewing Instructions (pdf)