Pure Turbo Yeast

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Pure Turbo Yeast should be used where ultimate alcohol quality is of primary importance. Only use where cool air temperature (between 18°C to 24°C) can be maintained. This is a revolutionary breakthrough in Turbo Yeast development making it possible to produce a quality product in the home. It is essential to use Turbo Carbon with Pure Turbo Yeast.

With 6kg of Table Sugar (Sucrose)
% ABV: 14.%
Water Start Temp: 30°C
Fermentation Time*: 6 days @ 24°C, 7 days @ 20°C

With 7kg of Dextrose
% ABV: 15%
Water Start Temp: 30°C
Fermentation Time*: 6 days @ 24°C, 7 days @ 20°C

*Always check with a hydrometer to ensure fermentation is complete.