UWinemaker, All-In-One Wine Making System

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Wine Making is now here for Everyone! 

UWinemaker does not require excessive physical strength nor a messy basement environment. The complex wine making process becomes simple and easy. Place the UWinemaker on the counter, combine wine kit ingredients, apply a Rock and Roll motion to the UWinemaker to mix. Pitch the Yeast. Fermentation starts. The Cavity Space accommodates the fermentation foam, the heavier wine friendly fermentation CO2 gas fills the Cavity Space. Once fermentation is complete an easily applied to the UWinemaker Rock and Roll motion creates adequate agitation and splashing within the Cavity Space to safely mix, stabilizers, clearing agents, and degas the wine. The CO2 further protects the wine from oxidization during the final clearing. Bottling is right from the tap.  So easy.

How It Works (uwinemaker.com)